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About Jen Mueller

As a proud longtime resident of Central Texas, Jen Mueller brings extensive local knowledge and expertise to the table as a Real Estate professional. She emphasizes the importance of staying involved and instills the values of community and togetherness throughout her brokerage.

When first creating Central Real Estate Group in 2011, Phil and Jen Mueller’s main priority was to help meet the complicated needs and schedules of first responders looking to enjoy the property ladder. Over a decade of hard work and passion later, and their priorities have grown and blossomed along with their business more than they could ever have imagined. Now not only has Central Real Estate Group been able to assist countless first responders with the ever-complex experience of utilizing the property ladder, but Jen and Phil have also created a dynamic and supportive environment for entrepreneur agents to thrive and drive their own business.

Phil and Jen truly believe that support and determination are everything when it comes to success. Before operating in real estate, Jen worked in the healthcare space as a leader of corporate process improvement coaches and data analysts, responsible for goal planning and outcomes for large hospital systems. While the jump between careers was certainly large, and involved a fair share of learning curves, the change has been incredible. Since transitioning to real estate full time, in only two years Jen has helped more than 50 families move into their dream homes.

With family values at the core of their real estate business every step of the way, Jen volunteers weekly, as well as regularly donates a percentage of her profits to those in need. Her chosen charity is the Hays Clothes Closet, an incredible organization that provides clothing, shoes, school supplies and food for students and their families. Jen is also proud to support the Johnson High School Jaguar Band as their Elite Sponsor.


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